Penn Consulting Group, C.P.A.’s

The Fusion of Financial Knowledge and Litigation Support Skills

Litigation and Commercial Disputes

Our forensic accounting services include:

  • commercial contract damages, including UCC analysis
  • financial fraud, including white collar crime and Ponzi schemes
  • analysis of damages mitigation
  • lost profits analysis
  • operations analysis including segment profitability
  • product liability
  • business valuation, including securities valuation
  • cost analysis
  • assessment of antitrust damages

Securities Litigation

We assisted counsel in many of the largest securities matters over the last 20-years:

  • identifying false and/or misleading accounting practices
  • identifying false and/or misleading disclosures in SEC filings
  • evaluating scienter
  • valuing potential securities claims
  • segment profitability analysis
  • interpreting income and expense recognition provisions of GAAP
  • assessing the role of outside auditors, and identifying GAAS violations
  • valuation of debt and equity securities
  • offering expert testimony concerning GAAP and GAAS issues, and other financial matters including accounting malpractice

Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring

We have assisted trustees, debtors and creditors with:

  • assessing and implementing strategies for avoidance actions
  • analysis of claims seeking equitable subordination
  • director and officer investigations
  • development of Plans of Reorganization
  • asset valuation
  • solvency analysis


We have assisted entities with contract issues, asset management, technology transfers and business acquisitions/dissolutions. These matters require us to analyze value related to:

  • intellectual property
  • contract pricing
  • operating facilities
  • partnership interests

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

As CPA’s, we assist public companies with SOX compliance, in areas such as:

  • SOX 302 – Financial Reports –Certifications
  • SOX 401 – Disclosures in Periodic Reports
  • SOX 404 – Management’s Assessment of Internal Controls
  • SOX 409 – Real Time Disclosures
  • SOX 802 – Criminal Penalties for Altering Documents

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