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Litigation and Commercial Disputes
We assist counsel with liability and damages analysis in commercial and regulatory litigation. We provide expert testimony and assist with the identification and preparation of other witnesses.

Our services include:
  • commercial contract damages, including UCC analysis
  • financial fraud, including white collar crime and Ponzi schemes
  • analysis of damages mitigation
  • lost profits analysis
  • operations analysis including segment profitability
  • product liability
  • business valuation, including securities valuation
  • cost analysis
  • assessment of antitrust damages
Securities Litigation
We have assisted counsel in many of the largest securities matters over the last 15-years:
  • identifying false and/or misleading accounting practices
  • identifying false and/or misleading disclosures in SEC filings
  • evaluating scienter
  • valuing potential securities claims
  • segment profitability analysis
  • interpreting income and expense recognition provisions of GAAP
  • assessing the role of outside auditors, and identifying GAAS violations
  • valuation of debt and equity securities
  • offering expert testimony concerning GAAP and GAAS issues, and other financial matters including accounting malpractice
Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring
We assist trustees, debtors and creditors with:
  • assessing and implementing strategies for avoidance actions
  • analysis of claims seeking equitable subordination
  • director and officer investigations
  • development of Plans of Reorganization
  • asset valuation
  • solvency analysis
We assist a variety of entities with contract issues, asset management, technology transfers and business acquisitions/dissolutions. These matters require us to analyze value related to:
  • intellectual property
  • contract pricing
  • operating facilities
  • partnership interests
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
As CPA’s, we can assist public companies with SOX compliance, in areas such as:
  • SOX 302 – Financial Reports –Certifications
  • SOX 401 – Disclosures in Periodic Reports
  • SOX 404 – Management’s Assessment of Internal Controls
  • SOX 409 – Real Time Disclosures
  • SOX 802 – Criminal Penalties for Altering Documents

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