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Penn Consulting employs a multi-faceted approach in managing all engagements, in order to bring the appropriate blending of resources to meet each client’s unique needs. Initially, financial professionals from Penn Consulting’s pool of C.P.A.’s are selected as core managers of each new engagement.

These individuals establish and maintain client relationships, determine document needs, perform initial analyses and assess the need for strategic support from our network of experts and specialists. Based upon the needs of each new engagement, this team can be augmented in several ways:
  • Penn Consulting, when appropriate, utilizes the services of numerous distinguished professors of finance and other disciplines from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and similar institutions. Consequently, Penn Consulting will provide the best qualified individuals with national reputations in the requisite discipline for testimony purposes, greatly enhancing the prospects for a successful outcome.

  • In addition, Penn Consulting has several key strategic alliances with national and regional financial consulting firms with specialization in various disciplines. These firms are brought into engagements that are particularly labor intensive, or require specialized industry expertise. These relationships enable Penn Consulting to deliver high-volume quality services expeditiously in critical time sensitive matters, or in multi-location engagements, regardless of the size of the matter.
We view each engagement as a unique problem not necessarily susceptible to a traditional accounting or auditing solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative and cost effective techniques tailored to each case’s unique set of circumstances.
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