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Penn Consulting’s members have extensive experience in all phases of commercial litigation and Federal securities actions, including the initial investigatory phase wherein contract or securities violations (including GAAP and GAAS violations) are identified and documented with witness statements and documentary evidence. The engagement teams are adept at assisting counsel in translating this information into specific and supportable allegations to withstand stringent pleading requirements, including those of the Federal Securities Reform Act.

The Firm has skill and experience in the analysis of underlying corporate accounting issues and financing transactions, as they relate to company prepared and audited financial statements. PCG’s members stay current on all standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as well as emerging Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements. Due to the wealth of our public accounting and industry experience, PCG has the ability to assess the impact of these reporting requirements on virtually all entities.

Members of the firm are highly credentialed academically, and hold many advanced degrees, including:
• Ph.D. and Master’s Degrees in Finance
• MBA Degrees in Finance, Accounting and Taxation
Virtually all PCG engagements are premised on rigorous
forensic accounting examinations of subject companies, utilizing audit and other financial skills honed over the years by members of the group. This initial aspect of the engagement typically serves as the foundation to support financial conclusions and recommendations for the underlying litigation matter, or SEC investigation.

Once discovery commences, the Firm's auditors are proficient at reviewing document production to further support the allegations, to assist in supporting depositions, and in critiquing opposing expert reports. The Firm's valuation and corporate finance experts work with our forensic accountants in preparing an expert report with clear and concise conclusions. Our graphics and visual aid team has exceptional skills in translating complex business concepts into readily understandable demonstrative evidence for use at trial.

Certain PCG’s members have years of experience in commercial litigation environments, particularly in New York and Delaware courts, in areas such as the Uniform Commercial Code and contract law. Some have been qualified to testify in deposition and at trial in Federal District and Bankruptcy courts, State and Municipal courts, and in arbitration proceedings.

Our practice is international in scope, and our client base currently includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, smaller corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and many institutional investor groups and agencies.

Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Chartered Global Management Accountants, MBA's and PhD's in Finance, Forensic Accounting Analysis, Commercial Litigation Support
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